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I am a London-based PHP developer with several years’ commercial PHP experience in both eCommerce and CMS websites. I have a keen interest in data integration (using APIs and WebServices), and production of well formatted, readable and, maintainable code and dynamic, effective websites (using open standards, including CSS3 and HTML5).

I was employed as a CMS developer at Senokian Solutions in Coventry, where I honed my principally self-taught PHP knowledge to build extendible and maintainable object orientated code within an MVC environment. I am a quick learner, able to pick up new concepts and ideas quickly and use them effectively. Coupled with my effective communication skills, this ability allows me to succeed in an agile development environment.

Within Pod1 I worked primarily with the Magento eCommerce platform, managing the complexities involved in building eCommerce solutions tailored to a client’s specific needs. I have been writing extensions to take advantage of Magento’s higher functionality. I worked directly with the clients to deliver an accurate and workable specification, so projects can be completed on time, on budget, and on spec, using WordPress, Magento, Prototype Javascript, and Symfony.

Currently employed at Warner Music Group as their Global Ecommerce Techincal Architect, which is a fancy name for Tech Lead and Lead Architect of the Magento eCommerce project there. This involves planning the future scoping of the platform, working with the various business owners, and the wider financial and stock management systems within the company.

I hope to continue building my skills, expanding them to take in a wider scope of environments and languages, and to develop my managerial skills so I can effectively manage a large development team with multiple simultaneous projects.

Technical Skills

Backend Development

Frontend Development

  • HTML5 and XHTML1.0 to W3C standards
  • CSS2 and 3 to W3C standards
  • Usage of CSS preprocessors, such as Less, Sass (with Compass) and similar
  • Javascript, using both jQuery and PrototypeJS libraries, and advanced usage thereof
  • Usage of graphics libraries such as Scriptaculous, MooTools, etc.


  • Proficient at Linux server administration and setting up a secure infrastructure
  • Some knowledge of Windows server administration
  • Familiar with agile development practices
  • Comfortable working in many computer environments including:
  1. Linux (particularly Gentoo)
  2. MacOS X
  3. Windows
  4. Other flavours of *nix including FreeBSD and Solaris


Global Ecommerce Technical Architect - Warner Music Group (London, United Kingdom) November 2013 - present In this position I was responsible for planning and implementing a complete rebuild of the 2 seperate Magento instances within the company. This was a ground-up rewrite, taking into account the requirements of the seperate business units within the company. This platform was then extended to be rolled out for Russia and Canada, either as an extension of an existing instance, or a completely new instance of the code. This required juggling different business logic within the same codebase in such a way that the conflicting requirements could exist in the same eco system at the same time. This further employed Continuous Integration and Automated Testing to keep code consistency and compatibility between the various instances, and ensure that the platforms remain stable and functional. I also had to lead the team of developers who were responsible for building the codebase themselves, this team was based in London, Chicago, and Ukraine.

Strategic Technology Engineer - Warner Music Group (London, United Kingdom)
November 2011 - November 2013
Magento Technical Architect - Warner Music Group (London, United Kingdom)
August 2011 - November 2011
Brought on as a lead on the Magento project, from both a technical and project management standpoint, I had to assimilate the codebase, quirks, and understand the unique business model employed within the company. The ongoing project is to modernise the code, bringing it all up to best practices to allow for a much easier upgrade process and ongoing maintenance. This also involves implementing a modern Continuous Integration and Automated Testing system, heavily integrated with GitHub Pull Requests and issue tracking. The code was developed internally as well as with several 3rd party agencies, requiring advanced usage of pull requests and code audits to maintain system integrity.

Senior Developer - Public Creative (London, United Kingdom)
May 2011 - July 2011
During my short stay at Public Creative my job was to take the lead of the development department, and act as the main consultant on all projects, working the the development team to develop the best options for the client. The projects were as diverse as WordPress blogs, Drupal driven timesheet software, and bespoke API maintenance for iPhone applications. I was also involved in being the technical contact for clients, to explain technical concepts to non-technical personnel.

Developer - Pod1 (London, United Kingdom)
January 2009 - April 2011
Working as one of the core Magento developers, working directly on the Pod1 core version, I have had to write efficient and maintainable code that would be rolled out to multiple clients over the course of time. Working with every aspect of Magento to produce modules that can be easily and quickly rolled out and modified to better suit the wide range of needs that clients will have. Alongside this I have been the development lead on a number of projects, working with developers in Cape Town and New York. This has required good communication skills, and the ability to spec projects to the level of detail required to be able to work from with as few issues as possible. This has also involved liaising directly with key members of the clients team or contractors for handover, or for integrating warehouse systems into Magento.

Junior Developer - Senokian Solutions (Coventry, United Kingdom)
June 2007 - December 2008
As a developer in a small startup agency I was required to work every angle on a project, from working with the client to deliver an accurate specification, building the HTML, JavaScript, and Backend functionality, often being the main point of call for the client. I worked on the companies in-house CRM systems EGS and TactileCRM and through this I learned to work in a team and, more importantly, write scalable and maintainable code.

Additional Details

If you wish to receive a PDF of my CV please email me. Alternatively you can visit my LinkedIn profile and go from there.